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              Outstanding successes (especially in children's), cardiac surgery, have left in the shadow the crisis of classical cardiology, which arose after it finally became clear to all cardiologists that not every myocardial ischemia is a symptom of coronary heart disease. And that there are several myocardial ischemias, but they are not distinguishable on existing stress systems

In this connection, in cardiology, there was the appearance of "rhythmology" as an independent discipline dealing exclusively with cardiac arrhythmias. That is, blockades, non-standard ways of spreading cardiac arousal and ectopic foci. That is, everything that can be diagnosed by an ECG. After all, an ECG is the path of propagation of an electric pulse and only its violations can be judged by an ECG. As for the state of the myocardium and coronary vessels, this can be judged only indirectly by the ECG. So, many countries have long abandoned the diagnosis of coronary heart disease on existing stress systems.

It turned out that for the diagnosis of coronary heart disease, completely different stress systems are needed - with a more advanced interface for introducing formulas and coordinates of graphs. The fact that classical cardiology has moved to its instrumental limit and needs to modernize stress systems of the 1946 model, the author informed colleagues and firms 40 years ago. Colleagues were not against it, but the firms churning out unnecessary stress systems modestly kept silent. Obviously, they found it troublesome and unnecessary while people were buying their stuff.

It is curious that CHD patients in the Russian Federation and other "backward" countries did not find out about this, where tests continued to be conducted, since only "civilized" clinics - in the USA, Canada, Sweden and others - switched to stress ultrasound diagnostics. In this connection, in Israel, bicycle test was done only to visiting Russians at their request. So far, science has already abandoned the old stress systems, but it does not have new ones yet.

So that cardiologists practically perform the function of body carriers to cardiac surgeons, therefore, former patients with coronary heart disease are now circulating among them with their walls and plastics. Well, and if they die, then with completely different diagnoses. This is how IHD was defeated in the Russian Federation…

       Serious diagnosis and treatment of coronary heart disease will begin when clinics receive a new generation of stress systems. For this purpose, the memory of new stress systems should have "Tables of the age-sex norm of the appearance of myocardial ischemia".

The second method of diagnosing coronary heart disease is possible by a "color chart", since the ischemic and pre-ischemic periods can be measured on it, but even in this case, age norm tables will be required.