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                The achievements of modern scientists in prolonging life are significant. Theoretically, life extension to 150 and even 200 years is already possible. However, most people will not be able to take advantage of this - they will not live to 75-80 years old when taking "longevity drugs": 20% of them will die from 35 to 70 from cancer, and 55% from 45 to 70 - from CHD. These two diseases keep 75% of people out even by the age of 100. And until the problems of coronary artery disease and cancer are solved, there will be no "life extension". With cancer, more or less, it is clear: the tissue loses its specialized function and its cells only divide. Early diagnosis is fine-tuned and individual forms are treated. The highest mortality rate of CHD, already indicates that there is no early diagnosis, no effective treatment, no ever clear understanding what it is.

              The complexity of the study of CHD is due to the fact that for 100 years it was not possible to create a method of early diagnosis, although technically this problem is solved. Without new stress systems, we can’t understand the mechanisms of development of CHD. Especially since all the last 60 years cardiologists believed that myocardial ischemia is the coronary artery, not realizing that this is a normal reaction of a healthy heart. So, all these "60 years of studying CHD" were spent in vain, although relatively recently it was found that for the early diagnosis of CHD, other stress systems are needed, since only a computer analysis of the ECG can early diagnose CHD. Neither stress-ultrasound, nor coronary angiography will not help here, that functional methods of studying myocardial reserves are required . It seems very much that CHD is an age-related reaction that occurs in all, only one passes without consequences, and in others it turns into a fatal pathology. Coronary angiography, who did a lot for cardio-surgery, cardiology caused more harm because cardiologists have redirected the flow of patients from their offices on the tables of heart surgeons. Partly, that those and paid them, virtually, for every "body." Cardio-surgeons in Russia stuffed his hand on “stans”, although functionalists argue that most of them operated and does not move away from their orbits. And the medical elite (from the chief doctors and above), are operated only in the United States.

           It becomes obvious that cardiac surgery is just a palliative: D.Rockefeller made 6 heart transplants, but what did the richest man in the world buy for his money, except for the life of a laboratory rat?! So, until the stress systems, conducting computer analysis of the ECG, will came to clinics, the mortality rate from CHD is not reduced. Although the device was created, it has not yet got to the cardiology clinic. This "deafness" is typical for medicine: innovations fell into it in 50 and 100 years… Another reason for the high mortality rate in IHD is that patients are often given drugs that block myocardial receptors responsible for the strength of heart contractions. Which maid to a sharp pale face, covering it, as it were, the mask of "White Death". One day, after seeing on TV such a mask on the face of old Aliyev, where there was already a gray mask of mixed heart failure, I told his Minister to immediately stop feeding the old man with chemistry, ordering a device that will bring him out of this state. Otherwise, he will lose it in 2-3 months. It was sent on the form Of the Chairman of the Subcommittee of the State Duma, but he dragged Aliyev to the US, where he brought the corpse. The situation, to the point, repeated with the Turkmen-Bashi. So died some of the richest people in the world only because they did not know that CHD can’t be treated everywhere: in the US and in Africa. Naively believing that the more expensive the clinic, the better it is treated, but that the world does not have a separate "Medicine for the Rich", learned too late… The last 60 years for the diagnosis of coronary artery disease in the RF was widely used veloergometry (VEM), not popular, by the way, in the other countries with developed "expensive medicine", where VEM prefer coronary angiography. As a pilot “Concord’s” before him flight. The same practice in Israel, where VEM do, mainly sick from Russia. In developed countries, VEM is considered to be uninformative, which it is, because cardiologists stubbornly believe that myocardial ischemia-this is the IHD, while any ischemia should be evaluated only on the tables of "Age norms of depression ST". Hence, the need to promote the methods of early diagnosis, as VEM remains the only method for determining the functionality of the heart, and the age of the myocardium. Hence, the possible dissemination of information about the possibilities of computer decoding ECG did. The description of which in the clinic and sports and is dedicated to that site…