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           At one time, the author argued that a specialist in hydrodynamics, if he show the scheme of coronary blood flow problem, CHD will solve in 20 minutes. CHD – the problem of hemodynamic. This is despite the fact that the coronar atary system can not work on water because of its properties - it can work on blood only. Simplistically, coronary blood flow can be represented as:
           The scheme shows that the decrease in coronary blood flow at times – as indicated by the reduction of the critical load on the VEM from 300 to 100 watts - can only give the pathology of capillaries. Not a single vessel of larger cross-section is not capable of, so it didn't happen. So, it is most likely the capillaries. But what process can occur in them with coronary artery disease? We venture to assume the reverse of the development of the capillary bed, which is observed in myocardial hypertrophy. Failure to use part of the capillaries with a long-term reduction in physical activity, leads to their replacement by connective tissue. This is the basic physiology of the body: any tissue in which there is a decrease in oxygen below a certain level, is replaced by a connective, as another type of breathing. So any part of the capillary bed, which stop using, is removed from the system of coronary blood flow, transferred to another type of breathing and replaced by connective tissue. What is highly rational: there is a need in the body to increase the coronary network of capillaries – they appear, disappear – disappear. This process, even if it is histologically and histochemically and close to sclerosis, is normal. It is possible that in the beginning and coronary artery disease is not a disease, and age syndrome that occurs in each, which becomes a pathology in a certain % of cases. Likely, when the number of, rallied from circulation capillaries, reaches a certain critical figures.
With this approach, it becomes clear and the role of physical inactivity (especially after prolonged physical activity in the past), and the frequency of diseases among men, and a special susceptibility to cardiovascular disease athletes of high qualifications. The survey showed that most of them also connects the occurrence of heart complaints with a decrease in physical activity and independently solves this problem by partial recovery of loads in everyday life. This approach is much more attractive than the genetic-food theory of coronary heart disease for a number of reasons:
        First, then each patient with coronary artery disease should have a certain period of reversibility of this process without medication, some physical activity.
          Secondly, if such a form of coronary artery disease exists, it will be much easier to prevent, and hence to treat.
          Third, doctors now have the opportunity to test this experimentally - in practice.
         And crucial here is the use of this color chart is only for her, you can choose the sub-coronary load and watch how it will increase myocardial anti-ischemic reserve and the volume of the coronary bed. Here, the stress system acts as an intellectual simulator, which first determines the load of ischemia, and then selects the sub-ischemic and mode of its application…