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          Modern achievements of life extension are very significant. Theoretically, we can live up to 150 years already today, but most can’t take advantage of this: don’t live up to 75-80 years when taking "longevity drugs": 20% die from cancer from 35 to 65 years, and 55% - from IHD from 40 to 70. For 75% of people "life extension" will not be until the problem of coronary artery disease will be solved. With cancer, basically, a lot is already clear: the tissue loses its function and its cells only divide. There are early diagnosis and treatment of certain forms. But IHD gives the highest mortality in the world, which is constantly growing. Which means there's no early diagnosis, no effective treatment, no understanding of what it is. Although, the method of early diagnosis of coronary artery disease was found in the USSR, but did not reach the clinic. A significant part of cardiologists believe that myocardial ischemia is coronary artery disease, unaware that it can be a reaction of a healthy heart. For early diagnosis of coronary artery disease stress systems need more complex than existing ones, especially since stress ultrasound and coronary angiography can’t determine the reserves of the myocardium, and cardiac surgery, too, palliative. D. Rockefeller had 6 heart transplants, but what did he get except the life of a Guinea pig?!

         The reason for the high mortality rate, apparently, in the fact that IBS patients are too often prescribed, noticeably reducing the strength of cardiac contractions. That causes a sharp turning pale faces, like "a white masks." Having seen, on TV of G. Aliyev on whose face there was already "gray" from the mixed cardiopulmonary failure, the author advised his Minister not to feed the old man with chemistry, having ordered the correcting device deducing from this state in which he had 2-3 months to live only. But he sent him to the US. The situation repeated with Turkmen-Bashi too. People think there is a "medicine for the rich" that treats better if you pay more. But IBS doesn't. The crisis of coronary heart disease reflects the crisis in cardiology, which has a number of reasons.

          Medicine is a sum of knowledge, that does not give education: doctors read 6 chemists, but they are not chemists, and 2 physicists, but they are not physicists. They teach diagnosis and treatment. But, the eclecticism of knowledge without the basics of mathematics and programming, makes them useless for solving many hard problems. Finally, it does not allow the descriptive method of "evidence-based medicine", when clinical cases and indicators of the body are only made out statistically, without carrying scientific and practical value, as statistics is not a science, but only the requirements of correct recording. That showed 10,000 theses on acute appendicitis, which did not change his mortality. Therefore, many deny medicine to be called a science, where it replaced statistics. Because science is an exchange of ideas, not form of writing. There is a methodological impasse when problems requiring analytical methods are approached with descriptions that are meaningless by definition. As a result, medical diagnostics is developed by physicists 'equipment, pharmacologists' medicines, markers of biochemists, geneticists, molecular biologists and so on. Hence the problem with IHD, which is a problem of hemodynamics, is formulated as anatomical and histological...

           The problem of coronary heart disease is that cardiology has never had its adequate method: ECG - as a record of the electrical signal of the heart, correctly allows us to judge only the origin and distribution of the electrical signal, the drivers of the rhythm and its various violations: ectopic foci, arrhythmias, non-trivial ways of spreading the e/signal and blockades. Why, in fact, rhythmology and took shape in an independent discipline: and the area is not poorly studied, and pharmacology developed. And quite another thing with IHD, which doctors gnaw age and are going to gnaw forever: all the "progress" here is reduced to recommendations on nutrition, lifestyle, bad habits and work with "risk groups". And what "progress" in terms of mortality rate? Traditional ECG analysis has exhausted itself, and mathematical has not appeared...


           It became possible to expand the diagnostic capabilities of the clinic not only with new equipment, but with small computer programs - "cardiac diagnostic gadgets" - when installing them on existing stress systems using several methods of assessment and myocardial ischemia, and any other of its conditions. To distinguish myocardial ischemia from ischemia in coronary artery disease not only by ST interval, but also by other methods. The use of such programs in stress systems allows the doctor to get a diagnostic platform with new opportunities and existing stress systems...