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                The mathematical analysis of the ECG, it is necessary to design for operation under load, flowed from the very nature of IBS. That is, it is veloergometry, where cardiograph and veloergometer, form a "stress-system" that informs about the possibilities of the myocardium under stress. The use of mathematical models required the cardiograph to have an interface for dialogue: it was necessary to connect the cardiograph with a computer. This was first done first at the Academy of non-Ferrous Metals (cardiologist V.P. Ivanov, head.CFR. Y.A. Russian, the rector Professor V. I. Tsykin), and then at the Medical Academy of Krasnoyarsk (senior researcher, V. P. Ivanov, M. D. V. Shilov, M. D., Y. I. Savchenko, member of the Academy. B. G. Grakov) in the 80s. And because of cardiographs with EKG digitized in the USSR did not yet exist, ECG polygraph were digitized during a standard "CAMAC" of the USSR with the use of computers "Measure"...

                 The appearance of the stress system of digitized EKG allowed to replace the bulky equipment one computer program "prediction of the critical load." In 2003. it was demonstrated first in the cardiology center of Krasnoyarsk (MD V.I.Shulman) doctors of the Department of Functional Diagnostics( MD V.I.Matyushin), then in the I-th regional hospital doctors of the Department of Functional Diagnostics (Doc. M. I. Hankin), and later to other cardiologists in the city. The results were later summarized in his book "Early diagnosis of coronary artery disease", Cu-SK., 2003. distributed by subscription. However, proposals for the serial production of generation III stress systems, the profile firms then ignored: 1.Negotiations were held with dealers who put forward their conditions, often did not report on proposals to firms. 2.Firms do not have guarantees that the stress system III will be widely demanded, and the old had a steady demand. 3.The cost of production of stress systems III, exceeded the output of the old. But the main obstacle was the policy of firms: a new wave of generation III were asked to do programmable by the physician. Although, technically, the differences were insignificant and consisted in the fact that the doctor did not just write down ECG, but also analyzed it by methods other than those of firms.

                   It's been 30 years... During this time, another 450 million died from the IBS (population of Russia + USA), but the stress system that produced the company has not changed. And until the conflict of ideas about what cardiographs doctors need is resolved, the stress system III in clinics will never appear until their production is demanded by many doctors. The absence of stress systems in clinics III, prevents the emergence of stress systems generation IV and V which use the same models, programs and algorithms as in the stress system III. Path anyway around today is not known… In the meantime ... we have the highest mortality rate from coronary heart disease - on the one hand, and the lack of clinics stress systems generation III, on the other...

                   Stress system III determines the state and gives a forecast of the myocardium, the stress system of generation IV determines the state of the already coronary vessels: the pool of the affected artery, the level of damage and its nature. And if veloergometry was carried out on the stress system of generation I-II, but with a record on a carrier, the stress system III will decode it. But in the future, and while wishing to stress the system III, we have to look for the firm for its production. Intelligence in the stress system III is a mathematical model that estimates the state of the myocardium in the standard clinical characteristics of the myocardium, each of which, the program assigns its color: These flowers stress-system generation III writes "cvetogramma": parallel ECG, color graph of pulse load.

                   Below is a description of some of the possibilities that it provides to a cardiologist, functionalist and sports doctor in diagnosis and treatment, clinic and sports. Color chart rules, ischemic heart disease, myocardial of different ages with identifying effects on the myocardium of different drugs. As well as new - physiologically extremely exact choice of diagnostic, training and medical loadings for patients and athletes. Separately - after a set of stress-system III a sufficient number of individual surveys, it is possible to carry out the selection of training regimes for teams and athletes of high qualification. In addition to the authors, the text for greater clarity includes graphics open access to the Internet. For the convenience of the reader, the most important features of the system, sometimes in bold…